About Us

Welcome to the naturalfarms website, where most all the products we raise, produce, process, or market are either all-natural or organic. From the low fat Italian Piedmontese beef, that we raise ourselves; to the sausages that we process in our own USDA inspected processing plant in Tulsa, we try to maintain the utmost quality standards found in the industry. No added chemicals, no added hormones, no added  antibiotics, toxic or toxin free, nitrite free, is our way, yet maintaining taste as another indicator of quality.

Just because it is healthy; doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice taste, tenderness, or quality!

We are proud of the fact that, a lot of the products for sale on this site, are raised by us on the local farms, or they are processed by us in our USDA inspected processing plant here in Tulsa, OK. We have found that, the more middlemen we cut out, and the more processing we do ourselves, we can pass a better savings on to you the customer, as well as control the quality!

We want you to understand that we are not computer people, or Internet gurus. We are a farming and ranching family offering a better, healthier product or products to you – the consumer. So if our Website isn’t as fancy as others, or the site doesn’t flow just perfectly, or under construction sometimes, just remember we are probably out with the animals keeping them healthy, or figuring out how to pass some savings on to you. With that in mind, please feel free to read through the information available, or the nutritional facts and news.

Also, if you are a bonafide health food store or other retail establishment, we can wholesale most of our products to you. Just call us!

Don’t quit eating – just eat healthier!

Thanks for your patronage, and see ya at the farm!