In-Store Prices

Below is a list of our in-store prices. These are available only for those shopping at the naturalfarms store in Tulsa, OK. No shipping costs are included.



Ground Beef $5.69/lb.
Ground Beef Patties   $5.89/lb.
Italian Sausage $6.29/ lb.
Bratwurst Sausage $6.29/lb.
Filet (tenderloin) $26.99/lb.
Rib-eye Steak $15.39/lb.
NY Strip Steak $14.29/lb.
Sirloin Steak $11.99/lb.
Stew Meat $7.69l/b.
Beef Fajita From Flank $10.99/lb.
Brisket $5.99/lb.
Chuck Roast $6.19/lb.
Beef Bottom Round Roast $6.29/lb.
Arm Roast $6.29/lb.
Rump Roast $6.29/lb.
Loin Chops $5.69/lb.
Butterfly Pork Chops $6.99lb.
Italian Sausage $5.99/lb.
Bratwurst Sausage $5.99/lb.
Jalapeno Bratwurst Sausage $5.99/lb.
Pineapple Bratwurst Sausage $5.99/lb.
Polish Sausage $5.99/lb.
Blueberry Maple Breakfast Sausage $5.99/lb.
Pork Cutlets $6.69/lb.
Ground Pork $4.99/lb.
Pork Tenderloin $9.99/lb.
Breakfast Sausage $5.69/lb.
naturalfarms pork bacon- nitrite free $7.99/lb.
Tilapia $6.59 pkg (2 fllets/pkg)
Mahi Mahi $9.95 pkg (2 filets/pkg)
Ahi Tuna $7.49 pkg (2 filets/pkg)
Wild Caught Salmon $8.49 pkg (2 filest/pkg)
Boneless Skinless Breast 5oz $7.39/lb.
Boneless Skinless Breast (4/pkg) $6.29/lb.
Bone-In Breast (2/pkg) $3.99/lb.
Chicken Tenders $6.99/lb.
Breast Medallions $4.99/lb.
Legs & Thighs $2.59/lb.
Whole Chicken $2.89/lb.
Whole Cut-up Chicken $2.99/lb.
Ground Chicken $3.99/lb.
Chicken Sausage $6.39/lb.
Blueberry Maple Chicken Sausage Bulk $6.39/lb.
Blueberry Maple Chicken Sausage Patties $6.69/lb.
Apple Raisin Chicken Sausage Bulk $6.39/lb.
Apple Raisin Chicken Sausage Patties $6.69/lb.
Spinach Feta Chicken Sausage Bulk $6.39/lb.
Spinach Feta Chicken Sausage Patties $6.69/lb.
Chipotle Pepper Chicken Sausage Bulk $6.39/lb.
Chipotle Pepper Chicken Sausage Patties $6.69/lb.
Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Sausage Bulk $6.39/lb.
Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Sausage Patties $6.39/lb.
Ground Bison                                          $8.49/lb.
Ground Lamb $8.99/lb.
Leg of Lamb $11.50/lb.
Lamb Shanks $5.50/lb.
Lamb Chops $16.50/lb.
Rack of Lamb – limited supply $17.99/lb.
Lamb Shoulder Roast $9.50/lb.
Lamb Stew $13.99/lb.
Shaved Turkey – Oven Roasted $10.66/lb.
Shaved Turkey – Pastrami $10.66/lb.
Turkey Sausage (bulk) $5.99/lb.
Turkey Sausage Links $6.99/lb.
Ground Turkey $4.99/lb.
Ground Turkey Patties $5.69/lb.
Applegate Farms Turkey Bacon $5.77 pkg
Applegate Farms Turkey Hot Dogs $5.69 pkg